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Teachers TryScience

Found In: math, science, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

TryScience  provides lessons, strategies, and tutorials for grade 5-12 STEM teachers. Teachers can register for free to create and share lesson plans and strategies and join communities to discuss and share ideas.

Lesson Plans are available in English and Spanish and 19 other languages and can be filtered by source, topic, grade level, and estimated time for completion. Instructional resources and rubrics are provided. NGSS and Common Core Standards are listed. For example, in From Cradle to Grave: Product Lifecycles, students in grade 7 investigate an engineered product and suggest ways to reduce environmental impacts. In Floodplain Modeling NGSS, students in grades 6-8 explore how the impact of future flooding can be mitigated by understanding floodplains. Fight the Flu: Seeing is one of three lessons for grades 9-12. In this lesson, students are introduced to epidemiology and investigate technologies and methods that can help prevent and treat disease.

Strategies & Tutorials strategies are linked to lessons so teachers can practice and master new approaches in the classroom. One strategy video, Making Graphs More Graphic, (5:12) shows how color can maximize information. A tutorial, What is Biomimicry?, (1:35) explains how scientists study nature’s solution to problems to find solutions for human problems. A lesson in practice, Give Me Biomimetic Shelter Lesson in Practice,  offers three videos (2:52) (8:41) (1:35) (introduction, lesson, and reflection) shows students exploring the relationship between predators and prey.

Community lets teachers discuss and share ideas about STEM education. Teachers can join established groups or create their own.

Kids TryScience is a collects experiments for students in nine categories. For example, A-Mazing Robots simulates writing a program for a "robot" to find and dispose of "toxic waste".


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