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Kids Science Challenge

Found In: math, science, 3-5, 6-8

Kids Science Challenge is now closed for submissions, but students in grades 3-6 can still play science games, watch videos, and do fun activities.

The Game Arcade currently has 13 games in areas as diverse as flavor science and skateboard engineering. Chimp Challenge dares students to try to beat a seven-year-old chimp in a memory test. The game has three difficulty levels.

The Video Arcade includes brief videos on science careers, activities, bio-inspired design, and more.

KSC Science Careers features Sally Walker, a paleontologist and online and print resources for elementary, middle, and high school students.

Prior Science Topics archives resources exploring meals on Mars, animal intelligence, zero waste, sound, sports, microbes, forensics, and bio-inspired design. The Brownie Caper shows a forensics expert investigating the scene of a brownie theft.

Click the star symbol to start the Scavenger Hunt, explore the site to find the answer all the questions, and then take the quiz.

Teachers & Parents can find K-12 lesson plans and activities in PDF format, as well as audio programs from Pulse of the Planet and advice on how to do a science fair project.


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