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Scootle Resources

Found In: all subjects, preK-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

Scootle is a collection of digital resources supporting Australian curriculum, however many of its resources are available to and useful for educators in other countries. The following list of Scootle Resources is available for use with K-12 students in the U.S. The resource chart provides a title, description, grade level, and link to the resources. More comprehensive descriptions can be found searching for an item in the complete archive. Searching this way will also provide teacher ideas and guides.

In Tessellate Decorate: Hexagons And Triangles students in grades 1-2 decorate a house with patterns made of hexagons and triangles. Students choose a model pattern, construct a copy, and decorate a room. This is one in a series of eight tessellation activities.

Metal Munchers Assessment is an interactive for students in grades 4-6 tests their ability to make predictions and explain their observations. In the activity, students must protect their spaceship from the metal-eating locals by testing materials and feeding them metal. Students must test at least four materials to complete their mission and print out a report. Students can refer to Properties of Metals to get hints. A teacher ideas and teacher guide are available.

In Trigonometry: Assessment, students in grades 10-12 use a unit circle tool to find sine, cosine and tangent values in different quadrants, find the angle when given sine, cosine or tangent values, and determine the values for angles between 0° and 360°. There are 21 questions.

Many thanks to Tony Teboneras of Education Services Australia for providing this list.


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