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Water on the Web

Found In: science, 9-12

Water on the Web presents two sets of curricula for high school and higher education. Basic Science provides hands-on science activities, in the lab and in the field and has separate sections for teachers and students. Water Science offers a two-semester water resource management course in six units comprising weeklong modules with lectures and labs. Lessons list goals and outcomes but not state or national standards.

Understanding contains six primers on

  • instrumentation,
  • lake ecology,
  • water quality,
  • stream ecology,
  • watersheds, and
  • GIS.

Primers can be read online or downloaded as PDFs.

Data includes maps, summaries, and supplemental information from lakes and rivers in Washington, Nevada, Texas, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, New York, and Finland.

Lesson Index lists four tutorials that will help students and teachers navigate and use the website’s tools.

Basic Science lessons use lake data to explore concepts. Most lessons have two forms. Studying lessons let students apply and learn concepts through guided experiences. Investigating lessons require more problem-solving and let students discover concepts. The lessons are designed to model scientific methodology.

The lectures in the Water Science Curriculum are PowerPoint files with supporting materials in PDF or Word. Water science units cover watershed and aquatic science fundamentals; experimental design; data collection; data management; data analysis, interpretation, and presentation; and management policy and outreach.

Other resources include a glossary and conversion tables.


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