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Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics

Found In: math; social studies; 6-89-12

Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics offers resources and tools that can be used as is or modified to teach statistics and probability to students in grades 6-12. The website’s materials can be used to supplement classroom texts.

HyperStat Online is an online statistics text that links to other statistics resources. For each chapter, concepts are chunked. Chapter exercises with selected answers are provided.

Online Statistics: An Interactive Multimedia Course of Study is a resource for learning and teaching introductory statistics. It contains text, video, interactive demonstrations and simulations, case studies, and an analysis lab. Instructors using the materials can get an instructor’s manual by emailing project leaders at Rice University.

Simulations/Demonstrations features 21 simulations in correlation, central tendency, goodness of fit, normal distribution, and more. The Histogram Demonstration includes instructions, descriptions of datasets, and exercises. Histogram has five datasets and allows for entering original data.

Nine Case Studies illustrate 11 terms such as variance, correlation, and regression. A menu lets users select case studies specific to terms. A search function is also available.

Analysis Lab can do basic descriptive and inferential statistics. The lab has three libraries of datasets. Instructions describe how users can also enter their own data. There are also instructions for doing Analysis of Variance (ANOVA).


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