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Figure This! Math Challenges for Families

Found In: math, 6-8

Figure This! Math Challenges for Families is a collection of math challenges for middle school students and their families. Teacher, parents, and students can use web versions of the challenges or download and print PDF versions in color or black and white from the Download Page. A Spanish language version of the website is available.

Take A Challenge provides activities in groups of four. Separate challenges can be projected on a whiteboard to encourage thinking without revealing explanations. Each activity and activity group links to a PDF presenting all four challenges as they appear online, as well as hints, approaches, additional activities, resources, and answers to the additional activities. A Challenge Index links to Download and Print the Challenges, a library of five sets of 16 challenges each. Challenges can be downloaded in groups or sets and in color or B&W. Spanish language versions of the first 15 challenges are available.

Family Corner offers support handouts to engage parents and to help them help their math students. PDFs of the brochures are available in color, B&W, and Spanish.

Math Index lists the challenges under five headings: algebra, geometry, measurement, number, and statistics & probability.

Teacher Corner has a PowerPoint family presentation and PDFs of teacher presentation and family handout materials. The Teacher Presentation materials have ideas for teachers and list the relevant National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Standards ( PDF, 1.29 MB, 3 pgs.) keyed to the challenges. Family materials include a content grid matching skills to challenges, tips, and brochures.


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