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NRICH Project

Found In: arts; mathematics; preK-2;  3-5,; 6-8; 9-12

NRICH is a mathematics resource for grades K-12. Students and teachers have separate grade level homes. This is a UK website and grade level terminology is a bit different. A Student Guide and Teacher Guide explain how to navigate the home pages and how to use and participate in the NRICH community.

For Students

The Lower-Primary Pupil Page includes five current features. One is Fractions, which includes two activities:

  1.  In Halving, students are presented with images of ten squares divided in halves in different ways and asked how they might check that the pieces are equal. Then they are asked if they can think of other ways to divide the squares.
  2.  In Making Longer, Making Shorter, students are asked to identify different size rods made of cubes. This activity could be made concrete with Duplos.

The Fractions page links to More Lower Primary Fractions. The Lower-Primary Pupil Page links to collections, trending, and related activities.

For Teachers

The format of the teachers’ pages is similar to the student pages. The Secondary Teachers Page has current features. One current feature, Dotty Grids, suggests ways to encourage students to explore polygons, area, coordinates and vectors, and distance using this simple tool. In addition, the Teachers Page has featured activities, related activities collections, and trending. Trending resources include articles, weekly problems, and videos. In the video Tasks Promoting Inquiry, (36:11) Dan Meyer takes up the issue of real world mathematics by leading a group of teachers in a task to determine how many pennies were used to create a tabletop pyramid.


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