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The Brain from Top to Bottom

Found In: science, 6-8, 9-12

The Brain From Top To Bottom is an expanding archive of information at McGill University (Montreal) on brain basics, brain & mind, and brain disorders. The text is available in French and English and on three levels. A User explains how the site can be browsed by topic, level of explanation, level of organization (social, psychological, neurological, cellular, and molecular), five leveled modules, and guided tours. The levels

The website has a blog too. A recent entry, The Collective Intelligence of Human Groups, discusses studies suggesting that the way the members of a group work together seems to be more important than the sum of its members.

Four Guided Tours explore the effects of intoxication, stress & behavior, emotion & memory, and the connection between the Big Bang and a masterly chess move. The tours demonstrate how the website is organized and how to use it, but the adventurous are invited to explore on their own.

A representative section, Sleep and Dreams, examines the stages of sleep, the sleep cycle, dreams, yawning, and sleep disorders. Each level includes images, graphics, and links to supporting information on lucid dreaming, language, and more.


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