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Stanford Solar Center

Found In: science, preK-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

Stanford Solar Center has collected science, literature, and art about the Sun.

About The Sun is a comprehensive collection of resources on the Sun, solar weather, solar physics, solar observations and missions, sunspots, observing the Sun, solar images, sound of the Sun, and more.

Space Weather Monitors is program for students around the world to build inexpensive monitors to detect solar flares and other ionospheric disturbances. A limited number of high school and community college instructors can apply to receive a monitor for Sudden Ionospheric Disturbances (SIDs).

A series of Comics stars a rubber chicken and peacock who discover answers to questions about the Sun and stars. The full-color comic books can be downloaded as PDFs.

Ancient Observations provides information about ancient observatories and sites in the Eastern and Western hemispheres.

Solar Folklore is a collection of ancient myths, legends and accounts about the Sun from around the world. Download an expanded PDF version of Solar Folklore.

For Educators

For Educators supplies cross-curricular activities on the Sun and solar science. Most of its resources are for grades 4-12, but some are appropriate for K-12. Study Guides include National Science Standards. For example, Solar Art, Music, Photography, Poetry, and Literature invites K-5 and higher students to submit their own images, poetry, or literature inspired by the Sun. Submissions are displayed. A series of quizzes for students in grades 6-8 includes Comparison Activities a collection of solar scale activities diameter, mass, heat, and distance.

For Students

For Students is a collection of activities with special appeal for students.

The Resources section links to scores of other education and science websites.


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