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Essential Science for Teachers: Life Science

Found in: science, preK-2, 3-5

Essential Science for Teachers: Life Science is a professional development course for K-6 teachers designed to enhance understanding of major concepts in life sciences with video, graphics, animations, demonstrations, models, and other visual strategies.

The course has eight sessions that cover what is life, life cycles of animals and plants, variation, evolution, energy flow in communities, and material cycles in ecosystems. Each session includes an introduction, a one-hour video, a closer look at critical concepts, typical student misconceptions, a featured classroom with lesson, and project. Transcripts and Support Materials  (session guides and readings) are provided for all sessions. Teacher-Talk Life is an email discussion list for participants, content guides, and staff. The course is free, though teachers can earn graduate credit at a reasonable cost.

The course has two special features: Bottle Biology, which shows how to use bottles and recyclable materials to create systems for exploring science and environment, and Track Your Understanding, a tool for assessing learning progress.

Annenberg Learner offers two additional professional development courses for K-6 teachers: Essential Science for Teachers: Earth and Space Science and Essential Science for Teachers: Physical Science.



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