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NASA Kids' Club

Found in: math, science, preK-2, 3-5

NASA Kids’ Club is a space about space for K-4 science and mathematics students and teachers.

Now In Space highlights the space station’s 49th crew and provides information on earlier space station and shuttle missions.

The Clubhouse has a number of activities.  

  • One is Astro-matic 3000, which translates age and weight on Earth to age and weight on other planets and moons.
    • Another, Let’s Fly Away , introduces NASA aircraft. It also provides instructions for building a dodecahedron ( PDF, 3 MB, 17 pgs.) with the featured aircraft on its facets.
  • Other activities include Put It Together, Color NASA and Space Lunch.

More Pictures is a gallery of NASA images.

Kids’ Club offers additional games at five difficulty levels. A level three game is Roving on Mars in which a student moves a mouse along a maze to drive the rover safely along its course. Be careful. A false move returns rover to the beginning. Go to the Head of the Solar System  is a level five game. Students help the comet get to the sun by answering questions about the solar system.

Other features include:

Separate sections provide features and articles for Educators and Students.


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