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Found insocial studies3-5, 6-8

HistoryWorld features interactive narratives from Aegean Civilization to Zoroastrianism and 10,000 events on searchable timelines.  The website could be used to supplement social studies textbooks for grades 5-8.

Histories are presented alphabetically. Clicking History of Europe provides a ten-page outline that stretches from prehistory to 1914. The twentieth century is to be completed. Important terms and related entries are highlighted and link to separate entries.

Timelines can be searched by event, geographical context, theme, date or browsed using a slider.  Search results can include links to the HistoryWorld entry, other text, related images, and maps. Care should be exercised with some of the off-site image links. The Jack the Ripper entry, for example, provides autopsy photographs and sketches. On HistoryWorld's home page, click an item in the word cloud, and a timeline list is presented for it.

Students can take a seven-question timed Quiz and try to become the "Whizzard of the Hour". The questions are not easy.  ThenWhatNext is a trial feature that challenges students to put four events in correct sequence.

But wait, there's More (HistoryWorld)!  This link provides four other history resources: an encyclopedia of Britain; history of medicine; and places in history - global and local.


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