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Plus Magazine

Found in: mathematics, science, 6-8, 9-12

Plus Magazine is an online trove of resources celebrating the world of mathematics!  Grade 6-12 teachers and students will find articles, interviews, and podcasts from top mathematicians and science writers on topics as diverse as art, medicine and sports.  Visitors will also discover the math underlying common and uncommon things, mathematics book reviews, and puzzles.

In the Articles section, you'll find more than 500 links illuminating subjects as diverse as why time has direction or the curve of a kiss. Many articles link to supporting resources and all are permanently archived and can be searched by keyword.

News From The World Of Maths contains more than a thousand links to articles covering life-relevant and topical issues:

Packages, including teacher packages, are groups of related resources in one area:

Podcasts are interviews with scientists and mathematicians on subjects of interest such as What's It Like Being A Mathematician? which includes exchanges with young mathematicians and Larry Guth, now professor of mathematics at MIT.

Puzzles include links to solutions. Kill The Vampire, for example, challenges students to determine a strategy for locating a vampire who hides in one of four underground vaults.

Plus Magazine also provides Reviews of print books and downloads of Ebooks, with PDF versions that follow.


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