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Periodic Videos

Found in: science, preK-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

The Periodic Table of Videos is a very 21st Century way for students to learn about the chemical elements. On the home page, the Periodic Table is presented. Students click on a chemical symbol, which then links to a short video with entertaining demonstrations and facts about that element.  The entries are often updated/revised, and the newer versions are clearly indicated on the periodic table. This website would be a good resource for elementary and middle school general science and high school chemistry.  Here are some examples of what students will find:

  • In Hydrogen, Peter Licence and Neil Barnes give an explosive demonstration of hydrogen and oxygen combining to form water and oxygen while describes its structure and chemistry of the reaction. "Roadrunner" cartoon fans will recognize the Acme Detonator.
  • In Phosphorus, Licence and Barnes demonstrate the reactivity of one allotrope of phosphorus, white phosphorus, as Poliakoff discusses its properties, allotropes, and role inside our bodies as the molecule ATP.
  • Professor Poliakoff talks about the economic role and chemical properties of Gold as he stands in front of shelves of gold ingots inside the bullion vault of the Bank of England. This video links to six related videos.
  • In Radon, Poliakoff enthusiastically describes scientific rivalries, specifically one between Rutherford and Ramsay in the isolation and spectrographic analysis of radon, a noble gas given off during the decay of radium and a separate element.
  • Lawrencium is such a rare and short-lived element that Professor Poliakoff focuses on Ernest Lawrence, the invention of the cyclotron, and the atomic bomb.

The Periodic Videoes website also offers a new series about molecules and compounds called The Molecular Videos, a features page with science news, publications, FAQ's and a search tool for more science websites.


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