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Anthropogenic Biomes

Found in: science, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

  • The Anthropogenic Biomes website (grades 4-12) examines how human activity has altered Earth’s surface over time.
  • The present epoch, the Anthropocene is an epoch in which humans have become a force rivaling climatic and geologic forces in shaping Earth.

    Under the Paradigm portal, students are introduced to a comparison of the classic paradigm of biophysical systems or biomes and the Anthromes paradigm of human systems. For more detailed information on the classic paradigm (biomes), see the Missouri Botanical Garden’s MBGnet. This website is suitable for grades 4-8 and covers fresh water and marine ecosystems as well as the six terrestrial biomes.
  • For Educators includes an Educational Guide to Anthropogenic Biomes of the World charting urban, villages, croplands, rangelands, forested, and wildlands for classic biomes. Follow the link to an expandable version of the world map. This section also has PowerPoint slides, online maps and Google Earth, and other resources.
  • Teaching Anthropogenic Biomes to Middle School Students is a package that includes maps and information on classic and anthropogenic biomes. In a lesson designed to introduce students to anthropogenic biomes, they work in teams to collect information about biomes and brainstorm human activities that take place in each.
  • Anthropogenic Biomes: A High School Biology Unit Plan (  PDF, 790 KB, 33 pgs.) is a seven day activity that introduces students to anthropogenic biomes.
  • Maps is a gallery of printable maps. Some require Google Earth.

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