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Found in: science, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

ScienceNetLinks provides free K-12 science lessons and activities, teaching tools, interactives, and podcasts for teachers, students, and families. Lessons and activities can be printed or used online. All of the resources are designed to be delivered in a varety of formats and classroom settings.

  • Lessons  can be searched by grade and discipline and filtered by type and intended audience. Recent and popular lessons are highlighted:
    • Classify It! (6-8) demonstrates that organisms can be sorted into different groups using different features. The lesson includes an exploration sheet, activity sheets, and a tool, the Classify it! App (for iPad, iPhone, and Android). The App is a game with 30 levels for students (3-8) to earn special Creature Cards. There are nine more in bonus rounds. The concepts in this lesson are keyed to Common Core State Standards.
    • Tools can be searched and filtered in the same manner as the lessons. Tools include activities, interactives, teaching aids, and websites and come with tips to integrate them:
      • Gravity Launch  is a physics interactive for a computer that lets students (3-12) launch a rocket to the moon to see how gravity affects it. Students can experiment with thrust and angle settings to change the motion of the rocket.
      • Tesla: Inside The Lab (6-12) is an interactive website that provides information on some of Tesla’s inventions: AC Motor, Tesla Coil, Radio, Remote Control, and improved lighting.
    • Collections are groups of lessons, tools, science updates, and other resources related to a single topic. For example, STEM and the Common Core suggests lessons and tools that fit the cross-curricular Common Core goals.
    • Afterschool Resources are fun science activities that include facilitator pages and printable pages for kids.
    • Science News links to a blog, science reports for kids, calendar, monthly mystery image contest, updates, and more.


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