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Remembering Armistice Day: “I Did My Bit for Democracy”

Found in: social studies, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

Since 1954, Armistice Day has been called Veteran’s Day. Remembering Armistice Day: “I Did My Bit for Democracy”
is a blog post from the Teaching With The Library Of Congress website that provides historical background on Armistice Day, links to a primary document, and suggests classroom activities. Today in History: November 11 has more background information.

“I Did My Bit for Democracy,” is an interview with Andrew Johnson, an African-American veteran who served in the Army during the Great War. Teachers and students can use an Excerpt  or Complete interview. LOC supplies analysis tools as well, one for students, Primary Source Analysis Tool ( PDF, 12 KB, 1 pg.) and two for teachers, Teacher’s Guide Analyzing Primary Sources ( PDF, 9 KB, 1 pg.) and Teacher’s Guide Analyzing Oral Histories ( PDF, 12KB, 1 pg.).

A link to Stories From The Veteran’s History Project to other primary sources, including memoirs, diaries, letters, newsclippings, images, and official documents.

In one suggested activity, grade 5-12 social studies and history students create a found poem to retell Johnson’s story by choosing words and phrases from the interview. Teachers can find more ideas with Making Connections Through Poetry. (For Teachers - Finding the Heart in History - Making Connections through Poetry- Classroom Activity | Teacher Resources - Library of Congress)


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