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Statistics Education Web (STEW)

Found in: math, pre K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

The American Statistical Association’s Statistic Education Web (STEW) is an online collection of lesson plans for K-12 teachers who teach statistics concepts. Lessons are grouped by grade level (K-5, 6-8, 9-12) and identified by statistical topic and are available as PDFs and Word Documents. Lessons are aligned to Common Core State Standards and NCTM Principles and Standards.

In The Gumball Machine, (PDF , 282 KB, 9 pg.) students in grades K-5 explore the variation that occurs in sampling a gumball machine containing one red, two green, three yellow, and four blue gumballs. A student activity is attached.

  • In How Random is the iPod's Shuffle?, (PDF , 1.1 MB, 33 pg.) students in grades 6-8 learn to recognize characteristics of randomly sampled or randomly generated data. Students examine sets of randomly generated playlists to use as a basis for describing characteristics of a random sample and then compare three disputed sets to decide whether they believe the playlists are randomly generated.
  • In Consuming Cola, (PDF , 746 KB, 29 pg.) students in grades 9-12 determine whether drinking cola increases heart rate while controlling extraneous variables in their experimental design.

Teachers who wish to submit their own lessons should follow the standard STEW template and email lessons to the STEW editor. Three exemplar lesson plans are offered as models.


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