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Smithsonian Ocean Portal

Found in: science, preK-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

Smithsonian Ocean Portal links to K-12 lessons, research, and media on ocean organisms, ocean-inspired art, and ocean researchers. Collaborators include Monterey Bay Aquarium, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Scripps, NOAA, and many others.

Educators’ Corner features lessons, activities, and resources. Lessons and activities can be ordered by chronology or title and filtered by subject or grade level. Lessons are provided in PDF format and are aligned to the Ocean Literacy Framework and its seven Principles. The Principles are correlated to the National Science Education Standards.

In Fish Feeding, students in grades K-2 use a simulation to understand how a fish’s mouth parts determine its feeding behavior. A supplementary video from the Moorea Coral Reef shows different feeding behaviors.

Mapping The Ocean Floor asks students in grades 3-5 to identify hidden objects by the sounds they make when shaken in a box, and then use string to simulate sonar depth readings and map a model of ocean floor. Standards are listed.

Game of Life illustrates for students in grades 6-8 the effects of over-fishing and its impact on the ocean. The game can be played in small groups or by whole class. The game can be played outdoors or in a gym. Cross-curricular connections and extensions are suggested.

In Do You Know the Fish You're Eating? students in grades 6-12 research what species of fish are being sold locally, where each comes from, and which species are overfished. Standards are listed.

Other website features include Your Ocean: Stories From Around the World, which lets students and teachers select ocean regions to find stories, a Blog, and Media Gallery with animations, videos, audios, slideshows, and stories.


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