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So We Read On

Found in: language arts & literature, social studies, 6-8, 9-12

So We Read On: How “The Great Gatsby” Came To Be And Why It Endures (2014) by Maureen Corrigan is a personal essay on Fitzgerald’s novel, the author, and the ‘20s. Corrigan, an NPR book critic and literature professor at Georgetown University, says she has read Gatsby scores of times and has taught it to university students for years, and the novel still manages to surprise. Sometimes, she discovers a previously overlooked detail, but often a student brings one to her attention. The book, written for a general audience, is appreciative, insightful, witty, and poignant. So We Read On will make excellent background resource for grade 9-12 English and literature teachers and students.

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  • To add sour to the sweet, Kathryn Schultz’s contrarian New York Magazine piece Why I Despise The Great Gatsby is a perfect discussion generator.
  • For writing teachers and students, Princeton University has digitized The Great Gatsby (Manuscript). Viewing Fitzgerald’s handwritten manuscript, especially after learning that it was a later draft, will dispel any notion that the first word is the best word. Princeton also includes Related Manuscripts: the Ur-Gatsby, Trimalchio, and five letters to his editor, Maxwell Perkins.

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