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Under His Hat

Found in: social studies, preK-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

Under His Hat: Discovering Lincoln’s Story From Primary Sources provides Abraham Lincoln and Lincoln-era artifacts, documents, and K-12 cross-curricular activities in eight thematic groups. Activities can be adjusted for different grade levels and to correlate with the National Common Core Standards.

Paying The Price features seven artifacts that symbolize the monetary and personal costs of preserving the Union. Willie’s Photo and Lock of Hair is one of the artifacts. Willie was the Lincoln’s third son and 11 years old when he died in 1862. The portrait can be viewed in 360 degrees and a brief video explains its appearance and significance. A classroom activity (  PDF, 1.8 MB,  3 pg.) outlines elementary, middle, and high school research, writing, and art projects related to mortality and keepsakes.

Lincoln And The War, Part 2 features eight artifacts. One of these is R.E. Lee’s letter to Ulysses S. Grant, June 1865 requesting that Grant block efforts in Congress to put him on trial for treason. Two 360 views of a sword are included. Activities for three grade levels focus on Appomattox.

Lincoln The Politician features seven artifacts. One of these is a New Hampshire 1860 Republican Ballot/Ticket. Lincoln’s running mate in 1860 was Hannibal Hamlin. Activities for all grade levels focus on elections.


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