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Multiverse: Learning Resources

Found in: language arts & literature, science, social studies, preK-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

Multiverse: Learning Resources is a collection of cross-curricular lessons, hands-on and online activities, online books, educator resource guides, and educator workshops for K-12 teachers and students, especially those underrepresented in the sciences.

  • Classroom Lessons are grouped K-6, 6-9, and 9-12. Eye on the Sk: Integrating Science and Language Arts introduces K-4 students to astronomy, focusing on the Sun/Earth/Moon system. The site has inquiry-based and hands-on science activities. One section, Our Star The Sun includes pre- and post-assessments and thirteen lessons aligned to National Standards. In What Makes Shadows?, Observing and Drawing Shadows observe and draw shadows of classmates. In an extension activity, students observe how shadows change over time.
  • Eclipse "Make and Take" Activities includes nine inexpensive to prepare activities in PDF format to be used as demonstrations or classroom or home activities. With Sunion ( PDF, 305 KB, 2 pg.) students make a paper model to demonstrate the sun’s layers.
  • Educator Resource Guides offers The Astronomy of Many Cultures and Women in Astronomy. Cultures covered include African- and Hispanic-American, Native American, African, Islamic, Central and South American, Polynesian, Asian, and Ancient European. Women astronomers of the past and present, as well as issues facing women in astronomy and science in general are addressed as well.
  • Online Books provides two illustrated books for grades K-5 and two for grades 5 and up that explore the Sun through science, culture, and time. Multiple static and interactive versions are available.


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