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SCORE History/Social Science Project

Found in: social studies, 6-8, 9-12

SCORE History/Social Science Project is an archived collection of aligned (California History-Social Science Content Standards) and annotated resources. Teachers can browse activities and lessons directories. Links to three stand-alone sites with California ties are provided. The resources were last updated in 2006 so items must be reviewed for alignment and obsolescence based on contemporary standards.

Castle Builder is an interdisciplinary unit for 7th grade students to learn about daily life in Medieval Welsh society and how castles played an integral part in it. Students work with partners or small groups to design a castle in the form of a three-dimensional poster, a three-dimensional model, a video, or a sculpture. Teacher Notes are included.

The July Crisis: Can You Stop The Great War? is a unit for 10th grade students on the causes of WWI. Teams of students work as diplomatic advisory groups representing Austro-Hungarian Empire, Germany, France, Great Britain, Russia, Italy, and Ottoman Empire and prepare for a peace conference. The unit links to documents and includes questions to aid preparation for the conference. Teacher Notes have standards and tips.

Quest In Feudal Japan has 6th grade students work in teams over four weeks to investigate Japan during 1150 A.D. to 1600 and develop a two-part survival kit: a journal and a board game. Games will feature emperors, daimyos/shoguns, samurai warriors, Buddhist priests, or Shinto priests.


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