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Educational Games (National Geographic)

Found in: language arts, social studies, science, preK-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

National Geographic’s collection of Educational Games has interactives for K-8 students in science and engineering, history and culture, geographic decision-making, animals, fun for families, and vocabulary, covering varied subjects like the Salem Witch Trials, Underground Railroad, Giant Pandas, Pyramids, and Mars. Some games include educator guides for using games with specific subjects.

Plan It Green: The Big Switch challenges grade 6-8 and higher students to build indepently or in small groups the greenest and most eco-friendly city. A Tutorial explains the process of building and managing. The simulation includes a downloadable Educator Guide ( PDF, 7.3 MB, 12 pgs.) with background information, classroom suggestions, discussion questions, activities, and extensions. An appendix lists National Standards.

Culture Goggles: Navigate Jerusalem lets grade 6-8 students enter Jerusalem's Old City to examine six hallowed spots that have religious significance for three of the world's great religions. In addition, the interactive provides background information, fast facts, vocabulary, and links to more resources.

The Birds-of-Paradise Project Interactive is a partnership with BirdSleuth (Cornell Lab of Ornithology) that examines the role of sound, color, and dance in animal behavior and demonstrates evolution and adaptation for grades K-12. Evolution in Paradise provides associated lessons for students in grades 6-12.

The vocabulary section offers five games to reinforce terms used in physical and human geography. Two are Hangmouse games (grades 3-5) in which a player mouse tries to eat cheese by choosing letters to spell a word without being caught by the sleeping cat. No mice are hurt. The cat only catches a mouse by his tail. In the three Word-O-Rama games, students (grades 6-and up) choose the correct term to complete a sentence.


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