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Big Picture Science

Found in: science, 6-8, 9-12

Big Picture Science is a one-hour science program on current research with interviews with leading researchers. The program is broadcast and podcast once a week. Once a month, a special episode called Skeptic Check is devoted to critical thinking. See Listening to discover several ways for grade 6-12 science students and teachers to listen to and use the program. The Archives contains broadcasts from March 2006 to the present. Programs can be heard online or downloaded to search for desired clips. Programs have more than one subject. Program introductions, audio and written, and keyword tags identify subjects covered and guests.

  • Method to Our Mathness (51:49) is a 2010 episode that tells how new math was needed to describe general relativity and quantum mechanics, examines how math can be misused in advertising and politics, and asks whether calculators have made us dumber. Guests include mathematicians, a physicist, and a journalist.
  • Nano Nano (52:14) is a 2012 episode that examines breakthroughs in nanotechnology and considers the health and safety risks of tiny machines. It also explains why giant insects are a fun sci-fi perennial but impossible. Guests include nanotech scientists and policy makers and a biologist.
  • Hidden History (51:35) is a recent episode that looks at the continuing search for Atlantis, the causes for dinosaur extinction, genetic clues about our ancestors, and genes that make us susceptible to disease. Guests include journalists, a paleontologist and a senior scientist at the AMES Research Center.


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