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Instructional Materials Database Online

Found in: language arts & literature, preK-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

The Foreign Language Teaching Forum’s (FLTeach) Instructional Materials Database Online  is a collection of K-12 foreign language lesson plans created and shared by teachers. Lessons can be searched by author name, lesson title, topic, grammar topic, keyword, language, textbook, skills targeted, model, class level, and/or standards. Teachers can submit lessons as well.

A search for an elementary Spanish lesson produced seven lessons. In What Makes You Mad?, (students read called "Tengo Rabia," a book in which children discuss the things that make them angry and why. Students use Venn diagrams to compare their emotions and actions with those of the characters in the book. The book by Brian Moses may be in your library. The paperback is in print. Standards are listed.

Searching for a middle school Spanish lesson in family life (topic) yielded La Quinceañera in which students learn about the celebration, review question words and other vocabulary, and compare it to a "Sweet 16" party in the U.S. Standards are listed.

A high school French level III lesson on family life and relationships produced Aime-la: DO commands (song). After listening to the song, students work with a partner to write rules for using commands with direct object pronouns. The song by France Gal, "Aime-la," is available on YouTube. Standards are listed.

Web Links for Language Teachers groups web resources under media, clipart, dictionaries, ESL, activities, and by language.


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