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Learning Math

Found in: mathematics, preK-2, 3-5, 6-8

Learning Math is a series of five multimedia, college-level professional development courses for K-8 teachers. The purpose of the courses is to provide teachers with a deep conceptual understanding of mathematics, so they can better help students develop strong math skills. Teachers can take, in any order, as many courses as they wish and should visit Graduate Credit for details about receiving graduate credit.

Learning Math courses include patterns, functions, and algebra; data analysis, statistics, and probability; geometry; number and operations; and measurement. Each course is aligned to NCTM standards. For links to course information that includes synopses of sessions and video lists, see About the Learning Math Courses. For a sequence of course activities, see How To Use The Learning Math Courses.

The course in Measurement has ten sessions that begin with what does it mean to measure and end with classroom case studies. Each session, Area for example, has a 30-minute (approximately) video that can be viewed in their entirety or by chapter before or after completing the text sections. Brief video segments demonstrate approaches to solving problems.

Three text sections examine measuring area, exploring area with a geoboard, and scaling the area. Text includes self-test questions with answers. Each session provides homework problems (with solutions), learning objectives, and key terms. Notes for Session 6 list materials needed (optional) and suggest approaches for group learning and further exploration. Channel-TalkMeasurement is an email discussion list for Learning Math: Measurement.


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