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Found in: math, social studies, 6-8, 9-12

Convergence: Where Mathematics, History, and Teaching Interact, is a free online cross-curricular journal about the history of mathematics and its use in teaching published by the Mathematical Association of America (MAA). Convergence offers articles on math history, photographs of mathematical objects, portraits of mathematicians, teaching tools, and more for grade 8-12 teachers and students.

Articles can be browsed or keyword searched and filtered by subject, type, or format. For example, Maya Geometry in the Classroom is an opportunity to incorporate social studies and math. The article introduces the Maya, particularly the classic Maya period from 250 to AD 900. Sections explain with text and video how the Maya’s made right angles and describe special ratios used in Mayan architecture There are three student activities. Two work with ratios and making right angles. In the third, students work in small groups to layout a Mayan house. Teacher notes, student worksheets, and Common Core Standards are included. Printer-friendly versions of all pages are available.

Mathematical Treasures opens with an introduction and then lists artifacts. A collection index lists the artifacts by author alphabetically. One artifact, a box of English Tally Sticks, dates from 1296. Tally sticks were records of financial transactions such as the payment of taxes, debts, and fines.

Images are of mathematical people from ancient to modern times, texts, and objects. All images can be used in the classroom.

What’s In Convergence provides links to annual volumes, special features and collections, and tables of contents.


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