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Five Hundred And Seven Mechanical Movements

Found in: arts, language arts & literature, math, science, social studies, preK-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

Henry T. Brown’s Five Hundred And Seven Mechanical Movements was first published in 1868. The illustrations and text depict mechanical devices in dynamics, hydraulics, hydrostatics, pneumatics, steam engines, mill and other gearing, presses, horology (the study of time), and miscellaneous machinery. Based on the 1908 edition of Brown's book, the website Five Hundred And Seven Mechanical Movements has animated many of the illustrations and is in the process of animating all of them to clarify their actions. On the thumbnail pages, color indicates animation. Thumbnails can be browsed, or a clickable index groups mechanisms by function. The book or website can serve as a starting point for K-12 cross-curricular activities in writing, research, social studies, science, and art.

Here are some additional resources and activities:

  • Mechanisms introduces students in grades 5-8 to mechanisms and how they work. The website has PDF worksheets, self-checking questions, sample exam questions, and activities.
  • Automata Mechanism Templates can be printed on card stock so students can build working models of mechanisms and mechanical toys. These constructions require well-developed fine motor skills and care so they are best for students in grades 5-12.


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