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Creative Learning Exchange Curriculum

Found in: arts, language arts & literature, math, science, social studies, preK-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

Creative Learning Exchange Curriculum engages K-12 students in real-world problem solving in all subjects through systems thinking and system dynamics modeling. Documents can be browsed by subject, including cross-curricular, and category. They can be keyword searched and filtered by subject area, instructional level, pedagogy, systems techniques, complex systems, and other. Curriculum is available in PDF or Zip format. Charts let teachers align the curriculum’s System Dynamics/Systems Thinking Standards to Common Core and Stem Standards. An Introduction to System Dynamics Packet is available for teachers new to system dynamics or learner-centered learning. Interested teachers can use CLE Document Submission to submit lessons.

Here are a few examples of the resources offered:

  • During The Friendship Game ( PDF, 16.6 KB, 6 pgs.) students in Grade 1 are introduced to the concept that practicing friendship skills could lead to a friendship and also make more friendships likely.
  • Create And Run Your Own Newspaper: A Journalism Unit With A Simulation Game is a three-part interdisciplinary language arts and social studies journalism unit for middle school students. In Part 1: Publish a Newspaper (  PDF, 28.6 KB, 13 pgs.) students write and paste up their own classroom newspapers. This three-week activity has three mini-projects.
  • Dollars and Sense II: Our Interest in Interest, Managing Savings and Debt is three-part unit. Lesson 1: Can Compound Interest Work for Me? (  PDF, 800 KB, 20 pgs.) has three hands-on and progressively challenging simulations designed to let high school students explore the system of compounding interest.


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