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Tanenbaum Lesson Plans

Found in: social studies, preK-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

Tanenbaum Lesson Plans explore aspects of cultural and religious diversity so that students learn to approach the world with respectful curiosity and open-mindedness:

  • Respecting Each Other ( PDF, 49 KB, 6 pgs.) is a lesson and activity in which K-12 students learn why respect is important, develop their own practical definitions of respect, and consider how to reflect their ideas in their behavior. Worksheets are included.
  • In Immigration and Me, (  PDF, 42.1 KB, 3 pgs.) students in grades 2-6 interview family to investigate their history of immigration and to determine where their family traditions originated. The class will then create a class cultural heritage map.
  • Module: Interreligious Understanding Game (  PDF, 508 KB, 7 pgs.) promotes interreligious understanding by quizzing teams of students in grades 6-12 with questions about world religions. Game comes with fifteen questions and answers.
  • The website includes Reading Lists for Educators which includes five downloadable professional development readings covering race, ethnicity, Arab stereotypes, Islamophobia, and Christian privilege. In addition, it provides annotated reading lists with fiction and nonfiction titles for K-6 and 6-8.


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