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Global Oneness Project

Found in: social studies, 9-12

Global Oneness Project provides multicultural stories and interdisciplinary lesson plans aligned with National and Common Core Standards for high school teachers and students. Resources examine global and environmental concerns and those with associated lesson plans provide links. A trailer Bringing the World to Your Classroom (1:20) highlights some of the videos. Resources with lessons are identified. Each month a new story and lesson plan are added to the website. Teachers can sign up to receive the story of the month, free lesson plans, films, and more:

  • Stories can be short videos, photo essays, or articles. They can be browsed as a whole or filtered by subject and medium. A recent photo essay Protecting Cultural Heritage After the Nepal Quake comprises 27 images of work to protect religious artwork from temples damaged in Nepal’s April 25, 2015 earthquake. Another photo essay, Melting Away features 22 images taken in Greenland, Iceland, and Antarctica. In the accompanying lesson plan, Witnessing Icebergs, students analyze images of icebergs and explore the themes of bearing witness and climate change.
  • The video Marie’s Dictionary (9:36) is about Marie Wilcox, the last fluent speaker of the Wukchumni language, who created a dictionary to keep her language alive. In the lesson, Recording a Dying Language students examine how individuals and organizations are developing ways to preserve and rehabilitate native languages and cultures.
  • Lesson Plans can be browsed as a whole or filtered by grade level, medium, subject, theme, and National Standard. For example, using “high school” and “African Studies” as filters produces two resources, one a video and the other a photo essay. The lesson Ancient and Modern Worlds and its partner video A Thousand Suns examine an Ethiopian people who have farmed sustainably for 10,000 years and have remained biologically and culturally intact.


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