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Teaching With Maps

Found in: math, science, preK-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

The K-12 cross-curricular lessons and activities found at Teaching With Maps integrate visual learning, spatial thinking, and quantitative skills. Browse or search activities (K-8, 9-12, AP/IB/Honors) and refine results by resource type, subject, and grade level. Links provide collections of lessons in climate & energy, earth science, geoscience data, Mars, microbes, and more. A section for professional development includes teaching strategies.

  • Layer Cake Geology introduces K-2 students to geologic time and the correlation between time, rock layers, and fossils. The activity includes all needed teaching materials. The PDF suggests using a foam 5-layer cake.
  • A Kinesthetic Demonstration for Locating Earthquake Epicenters is an activity in which students in grades 6-8 move as propagating seismic waves. They record their travel time and compute average wave velocities. They then simulate an earthquake and determine the position of the epicenter. The activity lists California standards.
  • Game-Based Learning is a professional development module for teachers who want to use games to teach. It explains what game-based learning is, its utility, and how to use it. It provides links to geoscience games.
  • Under the heading Improving Teaching and Learning is the Educator’s Toolbox with resources to use in the classroom. One of the tools, Teaching With Visualizations describes how visualizations organize information to identify patterns and processes in nature. It links to websites, visualization software, and visualizations of statistical model output. Teaching with Visualizations highlights five pages.


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