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Found in: preK-2; 3-5; language arts & literature

StoryPlace - The Children's Digital Library is an interactive website for preK-5 students, though the Spanish language version could be used by first year Spanish students in higher grades.

The Pre-School Library has a collection of 15 themes like animals, colors, music, and shapes. Each theme has a animated story, online activity, take home activity, suggested reading, and parent activity. Firefighters, for example, features the story: “It’s Time to Fight A Fire!” Students advance the story a page at a time. The words are provided as the story is read aloud. In the online activity, students dress Firefighter Fran in the proper gear. The take home activity is a printable connect-the-dots and coloring page. The annotated reading list recommends seven related fiction and nonfiction books. The parents’ activity includes songs, safety, and reading suggestions.

Themes in the Elementary Library have a topsy-turvy tale, printable activity, and reading list. The interactive stories in the elementary library, like Dinos Rock, have more text and though the dialog sections retain audio, the narrative sections do not. Students are asked to identify the well-known children’s tale Dinos Rock is patterned after. The activity is a book to color and assemble. Dinos Rock includes an annotated list of dinosaur fiction and nonfiction.

StoryPlace provides a link to Book Hive an offsite resource that offers additional material for the general user: videos of storytellers, activities, and an opportunity to write and share a six-page story.


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