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National Wildlife Federation - Educational Resources

Found in: preK-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12, language arts & literature, science

National Wildlife Federation - Educational Resources are K-12 general science and life science lessons aligned to the National Science Education Standards. Concepts covered in this growing collection are habitat, energy conservation, ecosystems, and wildlife.

Water, Water, Everywhere? ( PDF, 1.5 MB, 5 pgs.) asks K-8 students to investigate the availability of water for humans and wildlife and to develop strategies for conserving water. The lesson suggests modifications for younger and older students.

K-8 students use different tools to simulate feeding to gain insight into bird adaptations in Fill The Bill. ( PDF, 178 KB, 3 pgs,) Modifications for younger students are suggested.

In Wildlive Burrows (  PDF, 304 KB, 2 pgs.) students in grades 6-12 make models of underground wildlife homes and compare the functions.

In a cross-curricular lesson, Science Fiction Fantasy & Fact, (  PDF, 371 KB, 8 pgs.) students in grades 9-12 compare aspects of fantasy and science fiction and then write their own stories.

Tools and Resources for Educators include a seven-part guide (PDF) for creating schoolyard habitats, FAQs, lessons, and other related resources.

Webinar Series for Educators are live and archived webinars on gardening, bats, schoolyard habitats, geocaching, healthy living, biodiversity, and more.


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