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Architecture - It’s Elementary

Found in: arts, math, preK-2, 3-5

Architecture - It’s Elementary provides ten cross curricular lesson plans for each grades K-5 that introduce the study of architecture. The lessons have individual and group activities. The K-5 book ( PDF 47.7 MB, 453 pgs.) can be downloaded as a whole or each grade level chapter separately. An introduction, user’s guide, scope & sequence, appendix, glossary, and bibliography are included. Lessons are aligned with Michigan standards. Here are some examples:

  • The first lesson in the Kindergarten (  PDF, 17.2 MB, 71 pgs.) chapter introduces the basic two-dimensional shapes and their names (circle, semi-circle, square, rectangle, triangle) and asks the students to find and label examples of the shapes in classroom objects. In the last three lessons, students identify shapes in their own houses and learn architectural terms for design elements.
  • The Third Grade book (  PDF, 14.3 MB, 67 pgs.) opens with a lesson on the basic components of the metric system and learning to measure objects using the metric system. The book culminates with three lessons in which students design a house of their own design.
  • The Fifth Grade book (  PDF, 6.8 MB, 87 pgs.) opens with a lesson that examines how and why cities developed and looks at characteristics that differentiate cities. This book culminates with three lessons in which students design a city.


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