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Annette Strauss Institute Lesson Plans

Found in: social studies, 6-8, 9-12

Annette Strauss Institute For Civic Life Lesson Plans are for grade 6-12 social studies, civics, government, and history students. Lessons list state standards for California, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

With Tilting The Balance of Power students in grades 5-12 create a mobile of the three branches of government and their separate responsibilities. The lesson includes materials in MS Word and PDF, two videos & their transcripts, extensions, and Special Education and ELL modifications.

With It’s All In The Head(lines) students in grades 6-8 work in small groups to compare the scopes and perspectives of different newspapers. The video Newsroom is a short documentary about an investigative journalist from the Dallas Morning News.

Interest Group Debate asks students in grades 9-12 to work in pairs or small groups to examine the influence of interest groups in the decision making process. A brief video, Barbara Brown, (5:37) looks at Don’t Be Crude, a program started by a 12-year-old girl and her friends to encourage the recycling of agricultural motor oil and hydraulic fluid.

Running As A Woman asks students in grades 10-12 to work in small groups to evaluate campaign materials, debate the idea of a candidate "running as a woman," and appraise women's participation in politics. The lesson includes a link to a video and materials in PDF.


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