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Healthy Youth Program Grades K-5

Found in: health & phys ed, math, sciencepreK-2, 3-5

Healthy Youth Program Grades K-5 provides lesson plans in nutrition, physical activity, and health. Other categories include math, science, and community service. Lessons can appear in more than one category. Lessons for grades 6-12 are in development.

In Class Fruit and Vegetable Data Collection ( PDF, 664 KB, 4 pgs.) K-3 students record fruits and vegetables they eat at home for four days and then compile class inventories and charts. The lesson is aligned with CCSS in math. A take-home fruit and vegetable inventory sheet is attached.

Factor That  ( PDF, 242 KB, 2 pgs.) provides 10-minute movement breaks for students in grades 1-5 while they work on grade level math skills. The lesson is aligned to CCSS in math and Oregon State and National Physical Education Standards.

Heart Smart ( PDF, 243 KB, 2 pgs.) learn what strengthens and weakens the heart while performing physical movements. The lesson is aligned to Oregon State Standards.

Recipes & Handouts features recipes for main dishes, snacks and sides, soups and salads, desserts and drinks, and condiments. Handouts cover health and fitness information and recommendations. All resources are PDFs.

An Educators Calendar 2014-2016 lists books, provides facts, and features health and physical activity suggestions.


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