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15-Minute History

Found in: social studies; 9-12

15-Minute History is a growing collection of podcasts with supplementary materials exploring aspects of Texas, U.S. and world history. Each audio includes a transcript, links to documents and further reading, and TEKS and National Standards. Search by region, time, or standard.

Episode 23: European Imperialism in the Middle East (part 1) and Episode 24: European Imperialism in the Middle East (part 2) examine Europe influence in the Middle East from 1492 when the Spanish expelled the Moors fro the Iberian Peninsula to the present. Colonial Legacy and Conflicts in the Middle East Students in grades 9-12 examine the economic and political motives of the European colonial powers and the effects on the social, cultural, and religious structure of Imperial Muslim World. A New Political Identity Students in grades 11-12 explore identity and the types of identities and their impact on individuals in the Islamic world.

Episode 44: Climate Change and World History suggests that global cooling during the Little Ice Age resulted in drought, severe winters, rising fuel prices, failing crops, and civil unrest in North America and the Middle East. In contrast, Is Climate Change Behind the Syrian Civil War? suggests that global warming brought rebellion to Syria after three years of drought (2006-2009), migration of 1.5 people from rural to urban areas, and unemployment. The essay provides a link to an interview with climatologist Colin Kelley.

The Law and Politics of Jim Crow Students in grades 9-12 examine the system of social and legal racial discrimination under Jim Crow. Segregation affected the budding recording industry. Episode 43: Segregating Pop Music reveals that categorizations of music by race were a deliberate mechanism of the music industry.


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