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Osher Map Library

Found in: arts, mathematics, social studies, science, preK-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

Osher Map Library offers cartographic lesson plans, resources, activities, and links to other online resources for all grade K-12 teachers and students. Maine teachers and students will find state and local history in this University of Southern Maine affiliated website.

Online Lesson Plans Lessons are aligned to Maine Social Studies standards:

  • Introduction To Maps And Mapmaking for students in grades K-2 uses old and new maps to illustrate how people make and use maps. Students complete Tino’s Maps (225 KB, 8 pgs), an activity and coloring book, and make their own maps of familiar areas. The PDF features a dot-to-dot map of Maine. Teachers can create dot-to-dot maps of their own states by using an outline map as a template. The lesson package includes maps, PowerPoint presentation, and activity.
  • Medieval Maps and Monsters for students in grades 3-5 uses maps from the Middle Ages and Renaissance that show sea monsters. The package has a PowerPoint presentation, Sea Monster Handbook, Dangers and Exploration game board and game cards, activity booklet, and an additional activity, The Dangers of Exploration maze.

Other lesson packages include Travel & Tourism (3-5), Projections & Globes (3-8), Renaissance Maps (6-12), and Thematic Maps (9-12).

Curriculum Series has three units for K-2, 3-8, and 9-12. Mapmaking Lessons for Young Students features five lesson plans for students in grades K-2 in which three make a 3D model of the classroom, map a route home from school, and use a map to find a “treasure”. Advanced Educational Materials includes 7 AP History lessons for students in grades 9-12. One, Exodus and Exile: The Spaces of Diaspora, focuses on the African-American Diaspora.

Additional Materials include worksheets, board games, and a K-12 newsletter.

MapPlay is a section aimed at students in grades 3-8 and has a digital map creator, interactive “monster” map of Iceland, quizzes, a contest, links to exhibitions, and more.

Don’t miss Women in Cartography a featured exhibition.


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