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General History Resources: Games and Animations

Found in: science; social studies; 3-5; 6-8; 9-12

General History Resources: Games and Animations is an annotated list with links to history games, animations, maps, and timelines for students in grades 5-10 grouped under broad historical periods.

  • In Death In Rome, (students use evidence from the scene, eyewitness and expert testimony, and their own detective skills to determine how a Roman citizen died. They have until dawn to solve the mystery.
  • In Destroy The Castle, students build a trebuchet, decide whether to add wheels, and adjust stone ball weight, sling length, counterweight design, and distance from the castle.
  • In The Battle Of Waterloo Game, students choose to play as Napoleon Bonaparte or the Duke of Wellington and command infantry and cavalry on the battlefield. This is a text-heavy game.
  • Bill Of Rights quizzes students on the Bill of Rights in four formats.
  • The Redistricting Game introduces the redistricting system, explores potential abuses, and offers information about reform in five missions. Each mission has two levels: basic and advanced. Students can play as Democrats or Republicans as they redraw maps.
  • Growth Of A Nation is a ten-minute narrated and animated map and timeline showing the expansion of the United States. It can be played, paused, and rewound.


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