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Nourish Interactive

Found in: health & PE; preK-2; 3-5

Nourish Interactive is a free resource for nutrition games for students in grades 1-5 and interactive nutrition tools and tips for parents and teachers. Teachers and parents should register for free to access all the website’s resources. To register, users must be 18 or older.

 Nutrition Tools include My Plate, new food pyramid, nutrition dictionary, meal planner, and more. The Meal Planning Tool asks students to select gender, age, and activity level before planning meals, then lists recommended daily calories. An extensive menu lists calories. Clicking a group button isolates that food group. When a meal has been planned, a total calorie count is provided. The menu can then be printed.

Nutrition Games and Features has a section for grown-ups with the tools for helping children learn about healthy foods, healthy habits, and the importance of exercise and a section for children called Solusville that has 48 nutrition and healthy habits games.

Kevin's Build-a-Meal Game Students help Kevin race the clock as he visits the kitchen, school cafeteria, and grocery store to plan a day’s meals. Students set gender, age, and activity level.

Nutrient Machine Madness Students help Chef Solus choose the foods from the conveyor belt to feed the machines. The wrong foods are rejected. The correct foods raise the energy level. Be prepared. The belt runs fast, perhaps too fast for younger students.

Talking Nutrition Encyclopedia Students can search for specific nutrition information or browse the encyclopedia. Click a term from added salt to zinc to hear it pronounced However, the information that follows must be read, making this resource more suitable for upper elementary.

Printables cover healthy food, habits, and activities. Each PDF activity sheet lists grade level and is available in English and Spanish.


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