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National Gallery of Art: Teachers

Found in: arts; math; language arts & literature; social studies; preK-2; 3-5; 6-8; 9-12

National Gallery of Art: Teachers offers classroom resources and professional development opportunities.

Lesson & Activities are organized into grade-leveled thematic units with lessons that focus on a single artwork. Some units are cross-curricular, incorporating math, literature, mythology, and ecology. Lessons can be completed in one or two class periods. Lessons are aligned to the National Art Education Association Visual Arts curriculum standards.

For example, Counting on Art In this cross-curricular unit, K-8 students explore paintings and mobiles to discover and practice math and visual art concepts. The unit lessons include biographical and background information, slideshows, guided practice in viewing art, activities, worksheets, and extensions. In another unit that incorporates math, New Angles On Art, students in grades 5-12 explore how two artists and an architect use mathematical concepts and geometric form in their work.

Teaching Packets can be borrowed and many downloaded. Teachers who want to borrow materials must create an account. An Eye For Art features forty artworks. Individual artist sections can be downloaded. The complete packet is 178 pages. Each artist is paired with activities to inspire creative writing, focused looking, and artistic development in grade 2-12 students.

NGAkids Art Zone offers 15 interactives for K-12 to introduce art and art history. Each is available to be played online or downloaded on Mac and PC but not on mobile devices. See NGAkids for iPad for new interactives.

Video Twenty-three videos (30 minutes) cover ancient art to the twentieth century and individual artists can be borrowed. Short previews are online.

Three Posters can be downloaded. NGA Images offers more than 45,000 high quality digital images to search or browse and download.

Teacher Workshops are available for after school and on Saturday.


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