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K-12 Teachers and Students (Getty Museum)

Found in: arts; social studies; preK-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12 

K-12 Teachers and Students offers resources for teachers and students to prepare for visits to the Getty Museum or to use its online collections and resources in the classroom:

  • Resources for the Classroom provides K-12 curricula & guides and tips and tools for teachers. A recent addition to this growing collection explores the elements of art and principles of design.
  • Understanding Formal Analysis includes 7 K-12 lessons, activities, background and context information, and videos. The K-2 lesson I Spy Irises review and practice elements of art (color, shape, and line), , and then use them to make art inspired by Irises. All lessons list California and Common Core Standards.
  • Resources for Students is a collection of interactives, games, activities, and videos on artists, art history, materials, and techniques. Comparing Paintings of 19th-Century Women asks students to closely examine two paintings of women and consider what their poses and expressions reveal about them. Getty Games has five games with different difficulty levels to test observation and memory. Students can also make bookmarks and masks or make model wheatstacks from Monet’s 1891 painting Wheatstacks, Snow
    Effect, Morning.
  • Professional Development is for teachers who live near the Getty Museum or Getty Villa can attend workshops or summer institutes. Local teachers can arrange field trips to the museum or villa as well at Planning a Visit to the Museum. Teachers who cannot visit can learn about the Getty collection with Webinars. Each webinar focuses on a theme related to the collection and explores how to incorporate related teaching resources. Webinars can be viewed online or downloaded.


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