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CIESE K-12 Curricula

Found in: language arts & literature; social studies; preK-2; 3-5; 6-8; 9-12

CIESE K-12 Curricula is collection of challenging STEM, language arts, and social studies lesson plans and projects. Many projects use real-time data; engage students in global collaboration; promote student Web publishing; and provide access to primary sources. Curriculum standards are included:

  • Science includes the life, Earth, physical, and environmental sciences. Lessons and projects can be listed under multiple headings. In Mini-Squares of Life, students in grades 1-5 create a device to mark off and study a small area outdoors. This lesson is part of a unit to record life found within a square meter and links to the tools and resources used in the related lessons. Included is a link to a tutorial on the Engineering Design Process.
  • Technology includes real time data, online collaboration, primary sources, and robotics. Waterbotics Teams of students in grades 6-12 design, build, and test underwater robots capable of maneuvering in a three foot deep pool using LEGO® and other components.
  • Engineering includes systems, civil, mechanical, electrical, and general engineering. Introduction to Systems Engineering Students in grades 9-12 learn and apply core concepts of systems engineering as they reverse engineer a common product. The project has tools for running the project, including a teacher tutorial, and glossary, reference materials, student gallery, and more.
  • Mathematics includes numbers and operations, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and data analysis. Population Growth Project In a series of activities, students in grades 6-12 use archived census and demographic data and population estimates to explore the mathematical and environmental aspects of population growth. A project overview includes teacher guide and student activities. Resources include reference materials and student gallery.
  • Under language arts, Movie In The Making asks students in grades 5-12 report on a book by describing how they would turn it into a motion picture. The project provides enrichment activities in which students access the Academy Awards Data Base, movie posters, and movie reviews.



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