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Huntington Art Lesson Plans

Found in: arts; social studies; preK-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

The Huntington Art Lesson Plans has K-12 lesson plans, selected images, and supporting materials from the Huntington Art Gallery, Scott Gallery of American Art, and Discovering Art. The Huntington and Scott Galleries include primary and secondary vocabulary. Lessons are aligned to California State Standards.

Light In Painting (PDF) Students in grades K-3 identify two kinds of light, light that bounces off surfaces and light that glows, and demonstrate their understanding in their own artwork.

The Art Of Furniture:  Decorations Inspired By Nature  (PDF) Students in grades K-12 learn how woodworkers abstracted plants and flowers into two-dimensional furniture decorations and then will abstract a natural form and develop their own design. The lesson provides the URL of a representative piece of furniture.

How To Read A Portrait (PDF) Students in grades 9-12 learn a system of critical analysis for describing, interpreting, and evaluating portraits. Students then write an article describing, interpreting, and evaluating a painting.

Relief Sculpture In Two Parts (PDF) Students in grades 4-12 are introduced to relief sculpture and then use drywall to make their own relief sculptures.

The Huntington also offers ArtWonders, an interactive website with sections for students and teachers. Students learn more about portraits, landscapes, and furniture. Teachers can find an art gallery, lessons, and an area for teachers to exchange ideas on art education and museum visits.


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