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Lemelson-MIT Program

Found in: science; social studies, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

Resources celebrate inventors and inspire students in grades 3-12 to invent.

Historical Inventors provides profiles of great inventors, past and present. Browse brief illustrated profiles using an index or search by keyword or narrow by choosing one of five invention categories. Click inventor entries to get a more detailed description of their product ideas.

HowToons offers two pdf booklets: Playground and Seeing the Future: A Guide to Visual Communications. Playground ( PDF, 2.9 MB, 24 pgs) teaches students grades 3-6 how to use tools and build playground equipment including swing, zipline, see saw, monkey bars, and rope ladder. Seeing the Future: A Guide to Visual Communications ( PDF, 14.9 MB, 28 pgs) helps students in grades 3-6 to develop sketching skills as a means to get invention ideas on paper. Downloading booklets requires registration.

Inventor Handbook comprises 11 chapters and appendix of Internet invention and patent resources. Chapters cover intellectual property, patent searches, patent applications and how to apply, licensing, business plans, and how to raise capital.

InvenTeam Educators offers students in grades 9-10 two activity booklets. Electronic Textiles Educator Notebook examines creative applications of circuitry and explores how inventors solve problems, basic circuitry, light-up paper designs, and wearable electronic textiles. Shoe Soles Educator Notebook examines the making of shoe soles and explores biomechanics and biomimicry, sketching and design, making molds, and creating models and prototypes. Downloading booklets requires registration.

Videos This collection of three videos includes one that demonstrates a paper microfluidics activity. (4:49)

Invention Resources includes research, reports, webinars, newsletters, and more.


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