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Human Rights Lesson Plan Library

Found in: social studies; preK-2; 3-5; 6-8; 9-12

Human Rights Lesson Plan Library has three sections (K-5, 6-8, 9-12) to introduce human rights topics such as diversity, immigration, stereotypes, and obstacles to an adequate standard of living. Lessons and other human rights education resources can be browsed by grade level and by topic.

Human Rights Lessons K-5 provides lessons focused on understanding the concepts of self, community and responsibility, and social responsibility. Learning about Human Migration from Butterflies  ( PDF, 406 KB, 3 pgs.) Students (K-2) compare butterfly and human migration and explore how it feels to migrate. In Traveling Suitcases ( PDF, 497 KB, 3 pgs.) Students (3-5) learn about immigration by studying their own family history.

What do I do on Monday morning? Teach Human Rights offers lessons about UNESCO and other writings on Human Rights.  Based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, author Fernando M. Reimers created these lessons for your students to learn about Universal Human Rights and their history, and examine how these rights are relevant to their lives.

Teaching Two Lessons About UNESCO and other writings on Human Rights ( PDF, 1.25 MB, 2 pgs.) offers information about the necessity to teach Human Rights, the role of pedagogy, teachers and universities in advancing freedom and equality.

In Human Rights Lessons 6-8, students research specific human rights topics, build arguments with concrete evidence, and take action in their communities. Human Rights, Responsibility, and You ( PDF, 700 B, 7 pgs.) Students (6-8) learn how human rights create a reciprocal relationship in which we have the right to be treated equally and the responsibility to treat others equally. Women's Rights in the United States: Obstacles and Opportunities ( PDF, 1.3 MB, 12 pgs.) Students (8-12) explore the history of women's rights, examine obstacles women currently face in the U.S., and discuss ways to address these barriers.

Human Rights Lessons 9-12 focus on international human rights standards and to what extent those standards are met in the United States. Equal Access to Health Care in the United States ( PDF, 335 KB, 7 pgs.) Students (8-12) examine why it is important for everyone to have access to quality health care. Challenge the Media ( PDF, 1.2 MB, 6 pgs.) Students (6-12) identify gender stereotypes in the media and examine the effects.

Human Rights Topics are listed under 24 headings.


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