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History of the West K–12 Lesson Plans

Found in: language arts & literature; social studies; 9-12

History of the West K–12 Lesson Plans were developed by awardees of the Western History Association and Western Literature Association Annual Meetings in 2008, 2010-2015. Lessons examine the effects of technology, the experiences of Native Americans, Chinese railroad workers, African American cowboys, women, the actions of government and big business, Manifest Destiny; immigration, the environment, and more.

Technology in the West ( PDF, 1 MB, 29 pgs.) is a stations activity in which students work in groups of four to investigate the contributions of six groups (miners, Native Americans, cowboys, African Americans, Chinese Americans, women and children) to technological change from the mid-1800s to the early 1900s. The lesson package lists Utah State Standards and provides all necessary materials.

Government and Business in the Progressive Era Students (grade 9) investigate how government and big business are often intertwined at the expense of the everyday man. Five attachments provide vocabulary, photographs, and contemporary quotes related to the Colorado Coal Strike and Ludlow Massacre of April 20, 1914, as well as assessment tools. National Standards are listed. The lesson plan is a Word Doc. The attachments are PDFs.

Vital Signs vs. Homelessness in the American West: Community Formation of Homeless Veterans in Greater Los Angeles in Recent US History (PDF , 6.4 MB, 145 pgs.) Students (grade 10 English and US History) students investigate the sociological and economic legacy of homeless Vietnam veterans in greater Los Angeles. Students will produce their own findings concerning community relationships and responsibilities. The lesson package lists standards and includes readings and other required materials.


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