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Found in science; 3-5; 6-8

Nanozone is the companion website for an exhibition at UC Berkeley's Lawrence Hall of Science. It introduces basic nanoscale and state-of-the-art nanotechnology to students in grades 3-7. Activities are aligned to National and California science content standards:

  • What Is Nanotechnology? has six online resources to give students an idea of the nanotechnology field. Nanovideo provides a brief verbal and visual definition. Two more resources introduce nanoscientists and answer questions. Three games let students test cows for disease, create a therapy for treating diabetes, and build nanowires of gold. In Green Milk, students draw and test cow blood with microcantilevers to determine which cows in the herd need to be treated by a vet.
  • How Small is Nanotechnology? has eight resources including information videos, including one on scanning electron microscopes, and online and hands-on activities. In Measure Yourself, students print a nanoruler and measure objects.
  • Who Works On Nanotechnology? provides biographical information on some nanoscientists in the form of Nano Stat Cards (think baseball cards), videos, nanocomix, and FAQs. Meet Dr. Lydia Sohn in Dr. Lydia Sohn Saves The World. Lydia was a shy girl who liked to build things and grew up to make nanocytometers, electronic chips with tiny pores lined with antibodies that match proteins in out bodies. This technology may help doctors separate cancer-causing cells from healthy cells.
  • Why Is Nanotechnology Important? suggests some possible future applications of nanotechnology in space exploration and everyday life.
  • The Site Map groups all activities by type.
  • Teachers features pre- and post-visit activities, which can be used before and after using the website as well, and a correlation chart of California State and National Science Standards for all Nanozone exhibit components.
  • Bay Area residents can visit the Nanozone exhibition at UC Berkeley's Lawrence Hall of Science for hands-on exhibits, live demonstrations, facilitated activities, and more.


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